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ISA + 21 Mission


ISA+21 is a charitable, non-profit organization of career women airline pilots whose purpose is to: celebrate camaraderie; support informational exchange and social interaction among its members in a healthy environment; provide aviation scholarship opportunities for career-seeking women; and inspire future generations of women aviators via educational outreach.

ISA+21 Conference Berlin Germany 2015





Karen Guadagni: We had a very competitive group of women to choose from this year for our scholarships.
I am absolutely delighted that we found enough scholarship money to cover two additional B-737 types this year.

Multi-engine Instructor Rating:

Lenka Kubina—Originally from the Czech Republic, now residing in Oakley, Utah. Lenka is a flight instructor at Trans Pac Academy.

B-737 Type Ratings:

Tanya Kletke—Winnipeg, Canada. Tanya is a captain for Perimeter Aviation.      

Connie Nicholson—Phoenix, Arizona. Connie is a first officer at ExpressJet.    

Jennifer Johnson—Houston Texas. Jennifer is a first officer at ExpressJet.

Kimberly Osbourne—Originally from Korea, now residing in Loveland, Colorado.                

Kimberly is a first officer at SkyWest.


Congratulations to our newest captains, Kim Bodoczky (pictured at the bottom of this page, with a glass of champagne) and Mary Ana Gilbert (pictured below).

Captain Mary Ana GIlbert
More in the Fall newsletter.
Captain Liana Hart  
Captain Liana Hart pictured above. Girl Power!
Linda Friedman and Pam Perdue are United Airline 787 Pilots
Linda Friedman and Pamela Perdue 
Click the picture above to read the story on the "United Hub."
All woman United crew 
All-woman crew headed by Captain Kimberly Noakes and First Officer Jann Lumbrazo flew the  737-900ER from Seattle’s Boeing Field to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

 Our own ISA member Stephanie Gates Sun 
The March/April issue of the 99 News has an article by our very own ISA member Stephanie Gates Sun.


Paving the Way
I was on a business trip recently on the West Coast, and I got to fly on the brand-new American Airlines A321T from New York to San Francisco. What a gorgeous plane! It is amazing how technology has advanced. While on the plane, I like to check out American Way. You ­always find interesting articles in the magazine, and I came across a short but very informative article about ­Bonnie Linda Tiburzi (February issue) and how she became the first female pilot for American Airlines. I found the article interesting for several reasons: 1. She was the first female pilot. 2. She was only 24 at the time. 3. She is a native of Connecticut. It is really great for a company to showcase its milestones and to give so much inspiration to future female pilots.
Rick Nunez,
Stamford, Connecticut

Editor Adam Pitluk responds: We’re a very proud airline, Rick, with a proud culture of pioneering. Bonnie Linda Tiburzi is indicative of our American spirit.

Dear Adam:
Dear Mr. Pitluk: a big thank-you to you and Photo/Research Editor David Halloran for including me in your February 2015 issue (“The Last Word”). It was a very happy surprise to be remembered even after all these years since my retirement, and it is a real treat to know how many of my friends fly American Airlines. I have received about 12 copies of ­American Way to date. All the best to you and to your spiffy new magazine.
Bonnie Tiburzi Caputo,
New York

A.P. responds: It was a true honor to feature you, Bonnie. Your story has had a profound impact on the staff and on our passengers (see the previous letter). 
Bonnie Tiburzi 

Charter Member Norah O'Neill Interview
An interview done by Kate Campbell at the Museum of Flight earlier this year has been posted on her site. 
Click the link to see it:

Norah says: "Kate and I really hit it off. We were concentrating on following dreams, a life's work and taking care of ourselves."
Check Norah's Blog on Member News, left Menu column for her brave fight against cancer.

Does being a pilot somehow harm to your child? Norah's daughter Cammy wrote a story that was published in the Women in Aviation magazine a few years ago. Read here one 'child's' testimonial:
Norah O
Inspiration: Family Style

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