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Get Ready for our conference this May in Newport Beach, California!

Claudia Simpson Jones, Denise Blankinship, Jean Harper, Maggie Rose Stryker, Beverley Bass,
Gail Gorski, Mary Bush Shipko, Karen Kahn, Sharon Hilgers Krask, Terry London Rinehart, Angela Masson,
Lennie Sorenson, Stephanie Wallach, Norah O'Neill, Sandra Donnelly, Holly Fulton, Lynn Rhoades.

Missing from photo: Emily Warner, Val Cottle Walker, Julie Clark, Jane Bonny
Why ISA+21
ISA is an acronym for International Standard Atmosphere. The appendage of +21, acknowledges the original 21 members.
(Used in aviation, ISA+21 would mean that the atmosphere was 21 degrees above standard.)
We are non-profit organization that raises scholarship money to inspire future generations of women aviators via educational outreach. Our conferences and gatherings celebrate camaraderie and provide support in the aviation industry.
Join us!
Our first conference was in Las Vegas, NV.
Last year we were in Berlin, Germany!
2016 will be in Newport Beach, California.
Conference: May 10-12, 2016 .
After conference side trip: May13-15,. 2016
Always fun!
Conference Group Photos
We raise scholarship money each year
at our cocktail party/silent auction.
Last year we gave away three B737 Type ratings
and a Multi-engine Instructor rating!
Many of our winners have been hired by major carriers.



Karen Guadagni: We had a very competitive group of women to choose from this year for our scholarships.

Multi-engine Instructor Rating:

Lenka Kubina—Originally from the Czech Republic, now residing in Oakley, Utah.

Lenka is a flight instructor at Trans Pac Academy.

B-737 Type Ratings:

Tanya Kletke—Winnipeg, Canada. Tanya is a captain for Perimeter Aviation.      

Connie Nicholson—Phoenix, Arizona. Connie is a first officer at ExpressJet.    

Jennifer Johnson—Houston Texas. Jennifer is a first officer at ExpressJet.


Congratulations to our newest captains:

Kim Bodoczky and Mary Ana Gilbert (pictured below).

Captain Mary Ana GIlbert
Captain Liana Hart  
Captain Liana Hart pictured above. Girl Power!
Linda Friedman and Pam Perdue are United Airline 787 Pilots
Linda Friedman and Pamela Perdue 
Click the picture above to read the story on the "United Hub."
All woman United crew 
All-woman crew headed by Captain Kimberly Noakes and First Officer Jann Lumbrazo flew the  737-900ER from Seattle’s Boeing Field to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

 Our own ISA member Stephanie Gates Sun 
The March/April issue of the 99 News has an article by our very own ISA member Stephanie Gates Sun.



Rosalyn Burgin made 'Skylines' not only to foreground and celebrate female pilots as role models but also to advocate for greater visibility of women in the workplace. "Skylines" features the names of 301 female pilots in the UK.
In 2012 when she met a woman who told her she flew planes for a living. Rosalyn was speechless and realized she had never heard a woman's voice from the cockpit and had never seen a woman shown in any advertising or media as a pilot. This seemed so ridiculous in the the twenty first century that she had to investigate the subject and embarked on research which led to her making 'Skylines'.
"There is a gender imbalance in treatment of women by and in the media and a lack of equal representation in politics, business, industry and throughout working life. As an artist I wanted to do my bit and be part of the conversation about these contemporary issues which affect women's lives," says Rosalyn.
Skylines 1 uses a longer part of the stainless steel guide rail from an escalator. This is a 12 piece floor installation that references aeroplanes spread out on the tarmac at an airport viewed from above. 
Skylines art installation
Skylines 2 is an alternative floor based installation design that has an overall smaller footprint using the newel end bows from an escalator's guide rail. In this case the piece refers more particularly to a sense of hemisphere and tracing flight paths over the curvature of the earth.
Visiting pilots above, part of Skylines:
 Suzannah Adams, Jo Duffy, Fran Langton, Ginny Harris, Mel Summers, Zoe Ebury, Emma Sherborne.
Rosalyn sent out the invitation to all commercial female UK pilots. The union had 475 female members and the Civil Aviation Authority recorded 794 women. CAA in 2013:

"The figure we have for the gender breakdown of UK licensed commercial pilots is a couple of years old, unfortunately, but is nevertheless, probably still accurate. Of the 19,112 pilots flying commercially (this includes aeroplane, helicopter and hot air balloon pilots) 18,318 are men and 794 women (less than 5% female representation)."
Skylines 2
Captain Heather Moody (left) Captain Helen Geering (right).


Chairwoman: Liz Jennings Clark
Vice Chairwoman: Tara Traynor Cook
Secretary: Eva Brock
Treasurer: Liana Hart
Membership: Glenys (Gar) Robison
Scholarship: Karen Guadagni
Education & Outreach: Kara Hatzai
Events: Linda Wright
Communications: Kathy McCullough
It is contrary to ISA policy to provide media commentary on accidents, incidents, politicians or
political positions. No member may present an opinion to the media representing ISA without authorization
from the Board of Directors.
Regarding requests for commentary on accidents or incidents in the aviation
community, the following language may be used:
“Our sympathy goes out to the family and friends of those involved in this terrible tragedy. Although I am an airline pilot, I'm not an accident investigator. It would be irresponsible for any of us to speculate onwhat has occurred. The NTSB will be investigating and providing updates on the progress of the

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