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Our conferences are so much fun! Join us In Toronto, Canada May 9-11, 2017.
More information under conferences (after login) in the main menu above.
ISA+21 was founded in 1978 when twenty-one women airline pilots came together for their first conference.
Our purpose is to provide camaraderie and support for women airline pilots.
We raise scholarship money and have donated over $1 MILLION for women aspiring to be airline pilots.



ISA+21 is creating a book commemorating our 40th Anniversary in 2018.

We are asking anyone who has ever been an ISA+21 member to write their favorite flying story from 1-6 pages, with a photo of their choice and a short biography.

Hopefully you have a favorite flight or experience to share that non-ISA members will love too!

All active or inactive members can contribute.

We would like your story (stories!) by the end of January... so please sit down for an hour or so and write! Or contact and we will help you write it.

All profits go to ISA scholarship.


Remember that survey some of you answered on mentors? Here is Paul Cline's Dissertation, including the  survey results.


Women in the cockpit

UPS 747 pilots, Captain Shannon Jipsen and First Officer Michelle Booth.

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures 2
Based on a true story. A team of African-American women provide NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program's first successful space missions.

Flying Downunder

Tammy Blakey and crew
ISA member Captain Tammy Blakey, First Officer Colleen Andersen, and Susan Shaw IRO flying from Los Angeles, California to Melbourne, Australia on a United B787.


We all know better than to fly tired. But long haul flights and red eye flying are realities. Until airlines get better at managing schedules and realize the importance of solving this issue, pilots will continue to monitor their own performance and find methods that work for them to manage fatigue. This isn't just a problem in the United States, but internationally as well. Hopefully our unions will step up to the plate and help us solve the problems inherent with flying fatigued.
A captain after a flight from Tokyo to Minneapolis.

Women in Aviation Conference

ISA+21 will have a booth in the exhibit hall and will be conducting our scholarship interviews.

Our social will be on Friday night, March 3rd, time to be announced!

We hope you can join us! 

WAI Conference Page

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

March 2-4, 2017

We're heading to central Florida for our 28th annual International Women in Aviation Conference! Join us at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort for all the energy, excitement, and networking the WAI conference is best known for—plus a little Disney magic!

You won't want to miss the keynote speakers, educational sessions, exhibit hall, scholarship awards, and good times with individuals from all areas of aviation. There's no better place to be inspired, share your enthusiasm, and connect with others who share your passion for the aviation industry. 

Conference Brochure

Disney Coronado Springs Resort


Runway for Elevate

Elevate Aviation was started because we have a passion to help women become strong, independent and self sustainable.


Mission: Women are vastly under-represented in the aviation and aerospace sectors and Elevate Aviation was created to increase gender equality.  We want to amplify women’s voices that are already in this field, use gender responsive advertising to attract women to aviation, and provide a platform for women to thrive and succeed.


Women make up only 6% of private pilots in Canada and fewer than 5% of all airline transport pilot license holders are female.


Female mechanics make up under 2% of mechanics worldwide and women hold only 16% of jobs as Air Traffic Controllers in Canada. 


We hope that by showing what a terrific career aviation really is, we can encourage more women to enter this male dominated industry,

break down barriers and change the statistics.

Go to the website above for more information about this great group!
ISA+21 scholarship winner, Carrie Regamey, went to this year's fund raiser in Edmonton and sent these pictures:
Elevate Aviation
Founder of Elevate red dress
Carrie is in the pink and black dress in the center photo above.
Kendra is in Red in the picture of four ladies, she started the organization.
The other ladies picture in the photo with Kendra helped with the event.
Go to Elevate's Facebook page for more photos!

Emily Howell Warner

Emily was member #20 with ISA+21!




Emily Howell Warner was the first permanent female pilot for a scheduled US passenger airline, the first female airplane captain, and in 1986 commanded an all-female flight crew in the US. She was also the first female member of the Airline Pilots Association. After high school Warner decided she wanted to become an airplane stewardess, but was too young to apply for a job and had never been on a plane. After taking her first plane ride at 17, Warner knew she wanted to fly and immediately signed up for pilot lessons. After a year, she had her private pilot license and after another year was a certified flight instructor. Starting in 1968, Warner began applying to pilot a commercial passenger plane. However, it was not until 1973 that Frontier Airlines agreed to hire its first female passenger pilot. Warner then went on to captain a Boeing 737 for the United Parcel Service and in 1974 became the first female member of the Air Line Pilots Association. (Photo Credit: National Air and Space Museum Archives, Smithsonian Institution)

Read Emily's book, Weaving the Winds, listed under the "Books by our Members" tab in the menu above!

Discrimination in the Air





 Lucy Young and her twin sister, Mary, on the right. at the Lincoln Center on September 6, 2016.
Lucy was the copilot in the simulator scene near the end of the movie.
Lori Cline was the captain in the other simulator scene.
Lori Cline
Lori in Sully
Cast of Sully


When the Pilot is Mom: Accommodating New Motherhood at 30,000 Feet

NY Times, August 16, 2016

Often working airline pilots are afraid to speak out to improve their situation, because of retaliation from their employers.
This article didn't mention that Kathy McCullough and Bonnie Tiburzi Caputo (quoted in this article) are members of ISA+21,
but as retired airline pilots, it is easier to become advocates without fear of repercussions.
Retired or working as an airline pilot, there is a place for you at ISA+21.
Join us!
When the Pilot is Mom

Come From Away is in Toronto!

Bev in uniform for website
Beverley, now retired, poses with her uniform jacket in Ford's Theatre lobby in Washington DC.
New lapel pin
Check out our new ISA pin!
Bev pins Jenn
Beverley pins Jenn Coella, the lead in the play, "Come From Away," in Seattle with her old ISA pin!
Jenn Colella's credits include If/Then and Chaplin (the latter also had an early staging in La Jolla).
The woman captain featured in "Come From Away" is our own charter member and co-founder, Beverley Bass.
We saw the play in Seattle and Washington D.C. and loved it.
ISA women in DCA for the play
We met in Washington D.C. at the famous Ford's Theatre on September 20, 2016!
The theater holds 661, and there were almost 100 of us, including our guests.
One of our co-founders and charter members, Beverley Bass is featured in the award-winning play, "Come From Away."
(pictured center, below, in the Seattle "Talk Back.")
We had so much fun that we plan to follow the play to Toronto and Broadway!




Eighty years ago, Jean Batten broke a world record with the first solo flight from England to New Zealand. It took 11 days to make the record-breaking trip.


This week (10/21/2016), Air New Zealand celebrated the heroic solo journey taken by New Zealand's greatest aviator with an all-female flight crew flying from London to Auckland.

Air New Zealand women pilots



Ladybirds—The Untold Story of Women Pilots in America

Check out the books for sale by our members, listed in the main menu!
Lady bird pilots
ISA+21 members featured in the book: Cindy Mandel, Lucy Young, Nell Justice, Carole Litten,
Camela (Cammie) McHenry, Terry Rinehart, and Connie Tobias.
Co-written by ISA member Lori Griffith Cline, not pictured above, but below!
Lori in front of the movie poster

Quotes from Chairwoman Liz Jennings Clark in Travel Boom article:


Our first convention/conference was in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1978.
Last year we were in Berlin, Germany!
2016 will be in Newport Beach, California.
Conference: May 10-12, 2016.
After conference side trip: May13-15, 2016
Always fun!
Conference Group Photos
We raise money for our scholarships
at our conferences through member
participation in a silent auction
(member funded) and donations.
Last year we gave away two B737NG Type,
1 A320NG Type and a
Multi-engine Instructor rating!
Many of our winners have been hired
by major carriers and that is our goal:
more women airline pilots!


Unmanned Flight

More and more flights lately seem to be all women crews. Way to go ladies!
Brenda framed
Southwest Captain and ISA+21 member Brenda Robinette.



Thirty-eight years ago, twenty-one women airline pilots started ISA+21.
With members from regional and major airlines, we are over 400 strong!
Claudia Simpson Jones, Denise Blankinship, Jean Harper, Maggie Rose Stryker, Beverley Bass,
Gail Gorski, Mary Bush Shipko, Karen Kahn, Sharon Hilgers Krask, Terry London Rinehart,
Angela Masson, Lennie Sorenson, Stephanie Wallach, Norah O'Neill, Sandra Donnelly, Holly Fulton, Jane Bonny, Lynn Rhoades.

Missing from photo: Emily Warner, Val Cottle Walker, Julie Clark
Why ISA+21
ISA is an acronym for International Standard Atmosphere. The appendage of +21, acknowledges the original 21 members.
(Used in aviation, ISA+21 would mean that the atmosphere was 21 degrees above standard.)
We are non-profit organization that raises scholarship money to inspire future generations of women aviators via educational outreach. To date we have donated cash and type rating valued at over One Million Dollars. Our conferences and gatherings celebrate camaraderie and provide support in the aviation industry.



Click Scholarship for information and the application.

Contact Scholarship Chair if you have any questions
ISA+21 = largest donor in the world of advanced flight scholarships for women




Chairwoman: Liz Jennings Clark
Vice Chairwoman: Tara Traynor Cook
Secretary: Eva Brock
Treasurer: Diane Helly
Membership: Glenys (Gar) Robison
Scholarship: Karen Guadagni
Education & Outreach: Kimberly Osborn
Events: Linda Wright
Communications: Kathy McCullough

It is contrary to ISA policy to provide media commentary on accidents, incidents, politicians or
political positions. No member may present an opinion to the media representing ISA without authorization
from the Board of Directors.
Regarding requests for commentary on accidents or incidents in the aviation
community, the following language may be used:
“Our sympathy goes out to the family and friends of those involved in this terrible tragedy. Although I am an airline pilot, I'm not an accident investigator. It would be irresponsible for any of us to speculate on what has occurred. The NTSB will be investigating and providing updates on the progress of the