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International Society of Women Airline Pilots


Office View

Office View

Celebrate Friendships

The annual ISA Conference is a hallmark of our organization. Since 1978, we've been meeting in locations around the world to celebrate our friendships, exchange ideas, and support each other in our profession.  Our dues are only $44 each year, and we keep our conference registrations as low as we possibly can.

An ISA Conference is the opportunity to 'hang out' with women who understand where we are and what we are doing:
What it means to say “the GS at ORD was out, there was a solid line across the LOC, so we diverted to DTW and were reassigned the next day for a JFK turn-around.”
We really know what you mean when you say, “I’ve got a check ride,” “I’m starting my IOE,” and “I just checked out as Captain.”  
And what it means to ask "How can I give my husband/children the care I want to give and still have this job?" We share our experiences.
Whether you are just starting out, or have been on the job for some time, we are here for you.
An ISA Conference is also our chance to give back to the community of women pilots in the form of scholarships and encouragement, all through the selfless generosity of women like you.

San Antonio, TX conference 2014

Aviation Scholarship Opportunities

Women pilots who love their profession generally love to share their excitement and passion for their jobs. This is your chance to support young women who see you as a role-model. ISA offers cash and type-rating scholarships every year to career-minded women. Some of our members provide mentoring for pilot hopefuls. Participate in this wonderful opportunity to raise and allocate scholarship funds and resources; interview and select candidates; mentor and follow  the progress of aspiring pilots; and change someone's life the way aviation has changed yours.
Kathy McCullough speaks to groups of kids around the U.S.

Educational Outreach

The saying goes, being an airline pilot is more than a job: it's a lifestyle. Join us at air-shows, events, hosted parties, speaking opportunities, and aviation conventions around the world. Support ISA's mission to inspire future generations of women aviators. Be a speaker, presenter, convention rep, air-show participant, or just be there for moral support. If you would like to contribute or share, ISA has a project for you. Or suggest your own!
Explore our website, and be surprised.
ISA is here for you.
ISA members at Oshkosh