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International Society of Women Airline Pilots
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Membership Requirements

Our memberships are only $44 a year and are exclusive to female qualifying pilots who fly qualifying aircraft.

A “Qualifying Pilot” is a woman who serves (or served) as a Flight Crew Member and holds (or held!) a seniority number at a FAR Part 121 or 129 Air Carrier or ICAO equivalent and possesses an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate or ICAO equivalent. This includes all pilots who are on medical leave, furloughed, or retired.

A “Qualifying Aircraft” is any aircraft that weighs over 40,000 lbs.or 18,000 kilos flown on the certificate of an FAR Part 121 or 129 Air Carrier. 

Non-U.S. applications shall reflect corresponding qualifications.

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If you meet these requirements, Please join us! Our dues are only $44 a year. Click on membership signup on the left hand menu.


Why do you need to pay dues to belong?

Being a nonprofit 501(c)3 charity means we have to have a bookkeeper, accountant, and of course we maintain a website from Club Express.

We also pay for a booth at Women in Aviation (WAI) and we do scholarship interviews there. We've found that is the best way to attract great applicants for our scholarships is to recruit through WAI.

We work hard to keep our costs down, and board members do not get paid or compensated. (We do pay for hotel rooms at WAI and IFALPA... but only a portion of the total cost.)