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Indian republic Day and  iNvestiture ceremony 2018

Cover photo: Nivedita watches with her husband and son as her daughter receives her captain stripes! 2017

Nivedita speaking at her school 4
Nivedita speaking at her school
Nivedita speaking at her school 2

I was a Dreamweaver

It was fifty years back that my mother held my hand and took me to Carmel Convent School,
where I studied for 12 years. Imagine my surprise and disbelief when I was asked to return to
School as the Chief Guest on the occasion of the Indian Republic Day and the Investiture

It was an honour, like no other.

I was picked up by the official school car and arrived at the appointed hour. My heart was aflutter
with excitement and nervousness as though I was here to take an exam.
It was like a dream unfolding minute by minute. I inspected the Guard of Honour and then the
ceremonies began.

As I hoisted and unfurled our National flag, we were showered by rose petals. These were God's
blessings indeed. It was a poignant moment indeed. Saluting the Tricolour, my eyes were scouring
the firmament just the way they did in my childhood when I would look up at the birds soaring high
and dream to be like them, one day, flying high, free from all earthly bonds.

It was in these very playgrounds that I my dreams of becoming a Pilot were woven. Many a time I
was chided by my teachers in various classrooms, as I happily dreamed of flying and would be
looking out of windows following the airplanes doing circuits and landings at the adjoining Flying

I loved my school. I would yearn for the day when I would be up on the Victory Stand. Sadly, that
moment eluded me during my school life.

But here I was today, brimming with happiness, contentment and pride, sharing my love and
happiness with all the schoolgirls, their parents and the teachers. This was my family, which could
share this momentous occasion and these joyous moments.

These girls inspired me to inspire. I shared my Aviation life with them and that with "Dedication,
Determination and Discipline" they could achieve anything. I told them that we have to treat our
lives like a Triangle. Career, Family and Fitness are the three corners, but the Apex keeps
changing with the phase of our life.

And lastly I confided that I was still a student at heart. The learning process is endless and this is a
way to stay humble.

Of course, I can never be more thankful to my School, my Airline, my colleagues at work and my
family and friends who have been a part of my journey so far and who have supported and loved

Captain Nivedita Bhasin
B787 Captain
Air India