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International Society of Women Airline Pilots
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We have decided to postpone the conference until this fall, for the safety of our membership, Kara Hatzai has already been in communication with all the vendors and companies regarding postponement. A specific challenge we’re facing is that a couple of the events associated with this conference are outside of our scheduling control.

We are currently waiting on the finalized calendars of ‘Come From Away’ and Churchill Downs before we announce a new conference date.

We wanted to keep you all apprised of the situation, and we have a deadline of April 7th for these events and vendors. We will communicate a new conference date to you by then. After April 7th, when the new conference date is announced, we will be allowing you to either hold onto your conference registration, or cancel it with no cancellation fee.

These are uncharted waters, and we want to do right by all of you, so we are not wanting to rush into any decisions. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we navigate through this difficult time as a board and a membership.

The Brown Hotel, which is hosting our Louisville conference, has been extremely helpful and accommodating throughout this uncertain time. This morning, after a conversation discussing the best way for them to code this postponement, they are going to show our May conference as “cancelled” in their system until we rebook the new fall date with them. This cancellation will prompt an auto-email to anyone with a room booked under our conference code. All this means is that when the new date is chosen, you will simply have to make a new reservation with them. They have guaranteed that the rate will not go up. We apologize for this minor inconvenience, and once again, thank you for your patience as we weather this together!



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The Points Guy donated $50,000 to our organization!

Qantas sponsored our entire conference this year in Sydney!

Alan Joyce, Qanatas CEO, says they can't hire the best pilots if they aren't considering 49.5% of the population.

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